Betting Tips Football Trebles for Monday, 05.23.2016

betting tips football trebles monday

Yesterday the WBT team decide to take a break. The reason for that were the last matches in the mayor leagues and the odds 1.15 and 1.30 which are not valuable option for betting. For today our tipsters found betting tips football trebles from Australian Premier League, Greece Super League Play-offs and Finland Ykkönen league. These betting tips football trebles are medium risk and you can play them as single bets as well. Our tipsters suggest low stake bets on them and wish you good luck.

Betting Tips Football Trebles for Monday

Bulleen Lions vs Hume City FC @ 11:30 GMT

Tip: 2 6/10 stake

Australia VPL match between the teams on Bulleen Lions and Hume City FC.

The guests here are team with better chances for win the match and the chances for this is a really good for us.

The guests are team with 4 wins 1 lose in the last 5 rounds so today is a normal to pick as winner the team on Hume City FC.

The hosts are team with 2 loses in the last 5 rounds and no win for the period.

At home Bulleen Lions is 1 win 3 draws and 1 lose for the season performance and today expectijng another win. Our call is 0:2, 1:3.

Panionios vs PAOK Thessaloniki FC @ 16:15 GMT

Tip: 2 6/10 stake 

Panionios vs PAOK Thessaloniki FCFootball, greek super league. There is match in the play offs between Panionios and away team PAOK. Guests are playing much better in this play offs matches and we think that they are closer to the victory here.

They have 4 points from 2 gaes so far and they are second in this group while hosts on the other side are last in this group with just 1 point so far.

Because of that we expect the guests to dominate in this game and to gain 3 very important points. Odds are very good as we see and it is value bet for us.

This is the highest risk match from today’s list of betting tips football trebles and you can also play it under the double chance marker X | 2.

EIF vs GrIFK Grankulla @ 16:30 GMT

Tip: 1 | AH 0.00 in 1st half 4/10 odds 

Ekenas and GrIFK Grankulla will face Monday in this game of the second Finnish division, corresponding to the sixth round.

Two teams with different objectives will measure forces at 5:30 pm on the appointed day and apparently is going to be an even game so far observed but the truth is that so much difference is the quality of both since Ekenas fight for promotion, while his rival (the worst visitor) conforms with permanence, so consider this a home win in the half time is very valuable and probabilities.

It is true that Grankulla often defended well at the beginning of each meeting, but do not think today is the most appropriate day.

We hope that we’ll all win on these betting tips football trebles.