Euro 2016 betting odds, France and Germany are betting favorites for the tournament

euro 2016 betting odds

Euro 2016 betting odds, France and Germany are betting favorites for the tournament
When it comes to the Euro 2016 betting picks, you need to take all the facts in consideration before you place your money on the bet. The French team has won the last two tournaments that they have hosted, back in 1984 the European Championship and then again in 1998 winning the World Cup. They are the hosts of the UEFA Euro 2016 and they are hoping to win here as well.

The odds are being monitored by Odds Shark and the Euro 2016 betting odds for France to win the tournament are 3 to 1 meaning +300. Aside from the strong team that they have they also had luck with the draw of the Group A that they will start the tournament in. They have the odds on their side and they had luck as well.

Switzerland to win the Euro has +6600 and Romania +25000, Albania follows by +50000. They don’t have the talent to keep up with the French team, the odds for them are solid but also beatable.

Germany has been monitored by the bookies as well. They are not far away from the French odds (+333). They have won the World Cup back in 2014 and they have embarrassed the host there, they crashed Brazil with 7:1. That’s why we know that they are dangerous to play against and they have a shot at the title as well. The biggest threat that Germany has is Poland, which is a team that has Robert Lewandowski in the line.

Also the Spanish team is a threat here, and the Euro 2016 betting odds for the team are +550. They are not far away from Germany but because they lack of talent the odds are high for them. They have won the two tournaments back in 2008 and 2012, also winning the World Cup in between, 2010. But they didn’t pass the group stage in the 2014 World Cup and that’s why it is the long shut for them to win this Euro 2016 tournament as well.
England has nice odds in the Euro 2016 betting (+800). They have the young talent on the field and they are expected to make a great show at the matches. They did win a World Cup tournament but that was a long time ago, back in 1966. If they want to win here they will have to be first in their group and they will have to play against Germany, which outcome is somehow expected.

There are the other contestants that could win the Euro 2016 betting for first place, there is Belgium (+1100), Italy (+1600) and there is Portugal together with C. Ronaldo (+2200).
You could bet on the top goal scorer of the tournament as well. C. Ronaldo is the best bet here as he has the 7:1 odds to finish as a top goal scorer of the UEFA Euro 2016. Thomas Muller (+700) is on the list as well, Antoine Griezmann (+800), England’s Harry Kane (+1200), and Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku (+1200).