Euro 2016 Draw Group C

euro 2016 draw

This Euro 2016 draw is rather interesting and qualified for some intriguing football matches. There goes Germany versus Poland again, Ukraine and N. Ireland are here too.
The predicted finish of the group is: 1. Germany 2. Poland 3. Ukraine 4. Northern Ireland.

Germany to win the Euro 2016 draw in the group C has 55.6 percent of chance. The German team was too worried when they realized that they have to play again with Poland and with N. Ireland too. Schweinsteiger is looking over the hill and he hopes that this is the winning team this year. In 2008 they made it to the finals and now they are hoping to do it again.

Ukraine to win the group has 29.1 percent of chance. They are hoping that Yevhen Konoplyanka and Andriy Yarmolenko will be at the top of their game and stop all the attacking players from the other teams reaching their goal. They have never played a good football but they should not be underestimated too as they ran close to Spain few years back.

Poland to win the Euro 2016 draw in the group C has 12.2 percent. Poland should not be described as a one man team because they managed to win against Germany with 2:0 without the goals of Lewandowski. That’s why the Germans are taking them seriously this year again as they have to play against each other.

Northern Ireland, 3.2 percent to win the Group C. As expected, nobody would think that they would win this group when they have strong competitors like Germany and Poland. That’s why average play is expected and some closed football but it would be nice to see a surprise there. This is the first appearance of the Northern Ireland’s team at a European Championship and that’s why the players are going to have more confidence than ever.

The must see game in the Euro 2016 draw of the group C is the match between Ukraine versus Poland. Marseille is the gathering spot for these two teams and this match will have a lot to offer. These are the teams that will be fighting for the second place of the Group C and that’s why great play is expected. The Poles are playing regularly against Ukraine in the Europe Championship and they have not won a game since 2000. Will this time be the winning? Well we have to wait until the match day to see what will happen.

The best individual battle is going to be Lewandowski versus Neuer. These Bayern teammates will have a lot to offer and a lot to fight for against each other. That’s why we are about to see the best individual battle between these two players in the Group C of the tournament.

The Group C X Factor is the Germany’s young star. Leroy Sane is the young start of Germany and he is coming from the team of Schalke 04. He made the first appearance against France last month and the coach saw the potential of this teenager.