Euro 2016 Group A: France is the favorite and Switzerland, Romania and Albania are following

Euro 2016 Group A: France is the favorite and Switzerland, Romania and Albania are following
This is the outcome of the draw that has been made for the Euro 2016 Group A and we have rather interesting group here. We have the favorite France that is going to face the teams of Switzerland, Romania and Albania.

The predicted finish of the group is: 1. France 2. Switzerland 3. Romania 4.Albania
France to win the group has 82.5%. The hosts are going to hope for the outcome that came in the previous European championships that were held there. Before they have won in 1984 and most recently in the World Cup of 1998. With the suspension of Karim Benzema from the cup it means that the coach is going to have a lot of trouble to find another star. The expected one to shine on the tournament is the master of soccer Paul Pogba.

Switzerland has 9% chance to win the Euro 2016 Group A. The team that is playing for Switzerland has a nice youth school kids that are playing professional football. And they are runners too considered that they are all extracted from somewhere. Take the example with Xherdan Shakiri who is a player coming from Kosovo. The coach, Vladimir Petkovic has been requested to make the team better and he has done that already.

Romania has 5.9% to win the Group A. They have been known from the time when they got into the quarter finals of the 1994 World Cup. But the down side is that they haven’t played football like that since then and they are not getting better either. They have run to the last eight place in the Euro 2000 where they qualified as the only unbeaten team in the championship. We can expect closed football again this time.

Albania to win the Euro 2016 Group A has 2.7%. The bad news for the Albanian teams comes from there as well. They have strong youth teams, like the under 18 years team that is strong and the under 16 is much stronger too. But the seniors are the ones that are not playing good even though they have two players that come from the Italian Serie A championship.

The must see match from this group is the match between France versus Romania. Because of the disastrous match that was played in the 2008 Euro championship for the French. The first match can really set the pace for the following ones and this might look as an easy draw for the players.

The best individual battle is going to be Pogba versus Inler. Pogba is playing in Juventus and he is really going to have a bad time with Inler. In fact he is the only one that can put Pogba out of his game and we can’t wait to see it on 10th of June.

The X Factor of the Euro 2016 Group A is going to be the battle for the second place. France is hoping for the first but every other team is wishing to get that so good looking second place in the group and many interesting matches are ahead of us.