Euro 2016 Group D is full of excitement

Euro 2016 Group D odds


The draw has been made and the Euro 2016 Group D looks like this: there is the leader Spain followed by Croatia, Turkey and the Czech Republic is there as well. The predictions of the group would be: 1. Spain 2. Croatia 3. Turkey 4. Czech Republic.

Spain to win the Euro 2016 Group D has 61.4 percent of chance. And it is understandable when they got so many quality players on their roll. 9 wins out of 10 matches played at the qualifications are the promising score and they are looking forward to their first group stage match. Maybe only the team of Turkey could challenge this one, only the match will show.

Croatia to win the group D has 19.6 percent chances. Darijo Srna is the leader of the team and he has his back watched by the other players of the team. Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic are the men that are play makers and for sure they are going to create some great scoring chances. This is a team that can really stand up for itself.

Turkey to win the Euro 2016 Group D has 13 percent of chance. Turkey is a still fresh team in the Euro Championship. Their first ever appearance on the Euro stage was back in 2008 and we just have to hope that they have what it is needed for winning matches. Even though the competition in the group D is strong Turkey must find the answer for the scoring players of the other teams. Barcelona’s Arda Turan and Bayer Leverkusen’s Hakan Calhanoglu are the strong players that should be kept close.

Czech Republic to win the Group D has 6 percent of chance. This is the team that has the least chance of winning the Euro 2016 Group D but let’s not underestimate them already. They have reached the semifinals back in 2004 and maybe they are looking again at it. Petr Cech is the leader of the team but they don’t have other flashing names in the team after Tomas Rosicky has the fitness issues and he will not be playing anymore for the national team of the Czech Republic. They have a lack of attack player but the mid-fielder Borek Dockal can create quite the chances.

The must see game is the match between Turkey and Croatia. 12 of June is the play date for these two teams and this will be the top of the cake in this Euro 2016 Group D challenge. Back in 2008 these two teams played against each other and they have made the day much better. They are going to meet each other in Paris as a promising spectacle ahead of us.

The best individual battle is going to be Casillas versus De Gea. It is good to see De Gea back in the game and these two will show what it takes to play for your country.

The group D X factor is the inside men. There are players like Luka Modric and Mateo Kovacic that have inside intel and they will use it in the matches.