Euro 2016 Group E, there is Belgium then Italy, Republic of Ireland and Sweden

The draw has been made for the Euro 2016 Group E and we have such a nice competition here. There is the leader Belgium that is followed by Italy, then Ireland and Sweden are here too. The outcome at the end of the matches should look like this: 1. Belgium 2. Italy 3. Republic of Ireland 4. Sweden.

Belgium to win the Euro 2016 Group E 50.8%. This is the promising generation for the Belgium national football. By FIFA they really are and now they have to win a tournament just to prove that they can. Mark Wilmots is going to lead the team in search for glory again.

Italy to win the Group E has 21 percent of chance. They made a progress to the group stage unbeaten and now they got to continue the good score. They played two times against Malta and the tiny 1:0 wins were just not enough to prove that they can win this group or the tournament. In the past two World Cups they didn’t make it out of the group stage, but here maybe they will with these opponents, if they take the second place in the group.

Republic of Ireland to win the Euro 2016 Group E has total chances of 17.5 percent. The partnership between Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane didn’t result such as expected. Ireland has scored only 7 goals in a strong qualifying group and just to take an example, Germany and Poland have scored 57 between them. Maybe they have trained for this Euro tournament and they are going to surprise us with a win in the first match.

Sweden to win the Group E has 10.8 percent of chance. This is the team that has the least chances of winning this group. It is so because there are stronger teams like Belgium and Italy and there is just no space for Sweden at the top of the chart. Zlatan Ibrahimović is there but nobody else, this is the one man team that has to do it all, at the age of 34.

The must see game is the match between Italy versus Ireland. June 22 is the date when these two teams meet and they have quite the history behind them. There will be mentioning of a certain New York match that ended tie between these two and also 0:2 defeat in the last match of the campaign for the Euro 2012.

The best individual battle in the Euro 2016 Group E is going to be Ibrahimović versus Kompany. Vincent Kompany has to stay fit if he wants to win this battle with Ibra, but as rumors say he didn’t train a lot for the matches. We will see what is going to happen.
The group’s X factor is Lukaku’s rise. Romelu Lukaku is the big disappointment from the past World Cup but maybe this is his summer. He is one of the best strikers in the Premier League and if he brought the experience here at the Euro 2016 we will have what to watch.