EURO 2016: Which Team will Make it in Group C & D, 06.12.2016

Yesterday we had quite successful EURO 2016 predictions. Today we are in the same mindset to repeat and even double that success. Of course, nothing is 100% sure but we’ll do our best and deliver you juicy EURO 2016 analysis and tips. In this post you can read analysis on which team will make it in Group C, earn a pass in top 2 or even finish as winner of stage. Note the stake next to each tip and plan your bets wisely. Good luck with our analysis folks.

EURO 2016: Which Team will Make it in Group C and Group D

Croatia in top 2 4/10 stake (2.10 odds)

Croatia is in the Euro 2016 group with very strong teams such as Spain that is the main contender for the 1st position of the group and also one of the main contenders to win the Euro 2016 title, Turkey that is a team that has the capability to surprise anytime and Czech Republic that doesn’t seem a very strong side.

Croatia did well in Euro 2016 Qualifying also to end up in the 2nd position just after Italy and now they will try to repeat the same thing and try to compete against a great side as Spain.

In our opinion Croatia won’t be able to compete against Spain but at least can be able to secure the 2nd position easy so ill take Croatia to end up in the top 2.

Spain as winner of stage 4/10 stake (1.65 odds)

Spain is opening the Euro 2016 with a match against Czech Republic which is the weakest team in their group.

They know that they can go only for a win in this match as is the only way to put pressure and maintain the top of the group.

They have to face a group with three teams such as Croatia that is their main threat, Turkey and Czech Republic.

We all remember when Spain won three big tournaments in a row and didn’t had any real rival but their team have changed in the past years which is not for bad also.

They have real attackers now with Nolito, Aduriz and Alvaro Morata all fighting for a place in the starting lineup and behind many top players also like Andres Iniesta, Pedro, Thiago Alcantara, Koke, Cesc Fabregas and Davis Silva that can make the difference anytime.

In our opinion we must see Spain being a better side in the group D and win the group so ill take Spain to win group D.

Germany as winner of stage 4/10 stake (1.45 odds)

Germany starts this Euro 2016 in a group with teams such as Poland, Ukraine and Northern Ireland and the main threat for them is Poland that have a good team-play and many quality players to make the difference anytime.

Many players from Poland play in Germany and they know Germany football really well but still find it really difficult to stop them.

Germany have always been big contender for the Euro 2016 title despite of their squad as they always play as a group in the big tournaments, proving an example for every team. Germany has almost the same team that they won the World Cup 2014 but with some players added that have been players good lately.

In our opinion we must see Germany in a huge advantage in this group C and must be able to easy win the group so ill take Germany to win group C.

Poland in top 2 4/10 stake (1.85 odds)

This is one of the tips for 1st stage of EURO 2016. in this group are Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Northern Ireland. I think that this could be final placement in this group, Germany is without any doubt best team in group, 2nd place is reserved for Poland or Ukraine.

We think that little advantage is on side of Polish national team, they have fantastic striker Levandovski who can make a lot of troubles in direct duel against Ukraine, Poland could be 2nd also with draw in this match so this is my final pick here.

Note that these predictions are from different tipsters and viewpoints. We also hope that these EURO 2016 predictions will be worth the investment.