High Odds Football Picks for Monday @ 13:00 GMT, 05.16.2016

high odds football picks monday

We are opening the betting day with high odds football picks from two different leagues: Denmark 2nd Division and Germany Regionalleague. As you can read from the title these are high odds football picks but also high risk ones. Keep in mind that and that will keep your stake in balance (low). Good luck.

High Odds Football Picks for Monday

Burghausen vs FV Illertissen @ 13:00 GMT

Tip: 1 6/10 stake 

The season is as good as over here for Illertissen who cannot reach the first place and fight for promotion anymore since they are now 8 points away with only 2 games left to be played including this one today.

On the other hand, the home side of Wacker Burghausen are within 4 points from the first place held by Jahn Regensburg and they will try hard to win this game today and wait for positive news from the Greuther Furth II – Jahn Regensburg game that will be played parallel with this one. Home win should come without much trouble here.

Dalum vs Odder IGF @ 13:00 GMT

Tip: 2 4/10 stake 

Odder is stronger side, of course they will face also good team. Both teams are in relegation zone, that means they are not so high ranked at the moment, not teams that are good to bet for, but still this will be a game on which Odder will have better chance to win.

Dalum is home side maybe but still it won’t be easy for them to win this duel. Just a problem for home side. But it will be a better bet on Odder, they are first in relegation zone and that is all on purpose, because they are strong!

Flensburg 08 vs Eutin 08 @ 13:00 GMT

Tip: 2 4/10 stake 

Eutin is 2nd ranked team, without a chance for promotion. Today they are away side, but I am sure they will give their best to keep that position, also there is no reason to play weaker football now, they will be pros till the end and win this easy away duel.

Flensburg 08 is ranked in the middle of the table, they are nothing special, but they stayed in league and that is their reason not to try too much today. After all they are side that is weaker on this duel, maybe at home but still weaker one and it can be expected to see Eutin as a winner.

We hope that we’ll win some cash on these high odds football picks.