High Odds Football Picks for Thursday at 12:30 GMT

We are opening the betting day with high odds football picks from Singapore S-League and Russia 2nd Division. These high odds football picks are also high risk and we suggest extremely low stake bets on them as you can see next to each tip. We wish you good luck today and bet responsibly.

High Odds Football Picks for Thursday

Home United FC vs Brunei DPMM @ 12:30 GMT

Tip: 1 (or safer bet 1 | X) 4/10 stake 

Odds are way too high for Home United to win. They have same amount of points as Brunei but we are sure they play better football at the moment, and that is why we find this very strange. So high odds for their win, at home? Must take bet!

Brunei are not so strong like they were 2-3 years ago when they entered Singapore league, especially when they play away.

Home untied have big chance, they look better and we are just sure they will win this one. Odds are way too high, this has to be played, maybe with higher stake as well.

Hougang United FC vs Young Lions @ 12:30 GMT

Tip: 2 | DNB 1/10 stake 

Young Lions are still at the bottom of the league competition but team won against Warrior recently making confident victory. That can boost the team and now will try to make another surprise with good result at Hougang.

Home tema is going up and down but in last month they are not good as it was in the beginning. They lost last match and have problems in this team with completing lines with main players.

That can be challenge for them because team had problems last year with Young Lions and they traditionally have hard match ups with this rival in last few season.

Volga Olimpiec Nizhny vs Lada Togliati @ 14:00 GMT

Tip: HT/FT – 1/1 4/10 stake

Volga lost heavily last game, against Nosta 4:0 away. That was not expected, especially because they made more chances. They scored goal just before half time for 2-1 but that goal was canceled and that mentally destroyed team.

But today they will face much weaker side, side that don’t need points much so we believe only power will decide this duel and home side is surely stronger about that.

Volga B because of that can win easily, in first half and in the end. of course it can also end with a handicap, but I prefer 1/1 in a game where many goals are not expected so much.

We hope that these high odds football picks will be the biggest surprise today. You can play it separately as singles or put it on one ticket as trebles.